Pandemic Music Blues

UGH, missing METZ…again.

So recently I sent out some short messages to a few venues and bands who had invited me to their events. The message basically stated that I won’t be attending any shows because of restrictions being lifted and subsequently cases of Covid19 and variants are doubling every week. This scares me as much as it saddens me. I miss live music. But if the Calgary Stampede is any indicator, then this year’s Fringe starting up in my backyard (I live 2 blocks away from the grounds) cases in Edmonton will skyrocket even more than at present.

Well some of the venues and bands (I won’t name them publicly or privately) took me to task. That I was overreacting, their band(s) and venue(s) are struggling financially and need my support. Well guess what? We all need some support and we’re all in the same financial sinking boat here, it’s just some us are closer to going under than others. I have been unemployed since October of 2019 and have been struggling financially to support myself and my lovely wife (she’s not a citizen yet so was punted off of my healthcare plan). Every damn day that I go out to buy groceries or do any other errand is tough. One: because of tight finances and two: because of a good portion of the public acting like everything is back to normal and that I’m overreacting wearing a mask still. Some of you may not know this but I have extreme anxiety issues (which have flared up of late) and my doctors have told me that working is NOT a good option for myself, let alone for my wife who has some anxiety issues too.

We do have money coming in to pay bills and buy band’s merchandise but it appears that that is not good enough of an excuse for a select few bands and venues. I’m really sorry that you’re all struggling but I can’t help you anymore than I already am. So if that’s not good enough for you then I suggest to you to not invite me to your events anymore and unfriend me. Simply put I have too much on my plate (financially, emotionally and mentally) to deal with this crap too. I’d love to go to shows again but only if there are ZERO cases of Covid19 and variants for 3 months straight. And judging by how the KKKenney government has shit the bed of late, I’ll most likely be missing most shows including the METZ show in November. This saddens me a great deal because a cousin of mine plays in METZ and I’ve only met him at a family reunion in ’89 or ’90 and by then I had graduated from high school and he was 9 or so. Not much of a meeting in my books. Besides that METZ is one of my favourite bands who I’ve never seen.

There are many, many other shows that I’ll have to miss too. Which is a bummer but I have to take care of my wife and I first and foremost. My wife and my finances, mental and physical health is priority one. But if you still don’t understand my side and you think that buying your merchandise is still not good enough for you, then you’re not worth my time, friendship and the money I would have spent at your venue or on your band. To the bands and venues who understand my side and are ok with it, you all have my love and respect. Truth. Take care of yourselves out there and be nice to each other.

Thanks. Lots of sincere love.