Lacking Human Capital

This Alan Moore quote is me concerning the UCP’s Alberta. An Alberta that is angrier and uglier than ever and I no longer recognize most of the citizens. My friends and some of my family are not included. Most days I’m tired and sad. Most days I worry about my wife and my livelihood here. Most days I have a hard time getting out of bed and forcing a smile on my hardened face. This was supposed to be a poem but I couldn’t find the structure. This was supposed to be an essay but I couldn’t find the right words. So this’ll have to do.

If I don’t name you don’t fret because I’m still thinking of you but my brain is emotionally bruised and I’m tired again. It could be the weather, it could be the climate (politically or otherwise), it could be the news, it could be my financial situation, it could be many things. Just don’t patronize me by telling me to stop fussing and chin up because that makes it harder for me. Just don’t tell me you love me and then turn around and vote for someone who is attacking my wife and I on a daily basis. I’m now at a loss for words. Probably a good thing because this post is draining me as much as it may be draining you.

Carry on. I’ll plug away. Hopefully you do too. Peace and love.

“…the tabloid press are circulating the idea of concentration camps for persons with AIDS. The new riot police wear black visors, as do their horses, and their vans have rotating video cameras mounted on top. The government has expressed a desire to eradicate homosexuality, even as an abstract concept, and one can only speculate as to which minority will be the next legislated against. I’m thinking of taking my family and getting out of this country soon, sometime over the next couple of years. It’s cold and it’s mean-spirited and I don’t like it here anymore.”

Alan Moore’s introduction in “V For Vendetta.”