Don’t Criticize What You Can’t Understand

Since I am (for better or worse) a man, this essay of mine will deal with the issues that I have encountered being (for better or worse) a man, but be warned, I will be rambling a bit too. Just like being born a girl, a newborn boy in most cases must fit certain guidelines as well as look and act a certain way and perform tasks a certain way too. If one does not live by those societal standards then, generally speaking, one is shunned.

Growing up I preferred to write poetry, paint and occasionally cook and clean as opposed to play sports, wood work and fix cars. But by doing the former instead of the latter others were inclined to believe that I was a homosexual and/or “struggling with my manhood.” I would imagine that if one is born a girl and doesn’t cook, clean, sew or play with dolls then the girl is thought to be a lesbian and “struggling with her womanhood.” Both scenarios for a boy or a girl in this day and age are not just outdated but ridiculous too. I sort of get this attitude being prevalent in the 50s or 40s but it’s a 60 to 70 year old attitude that causes more harm than good and should have been buried 60 to 70 years ago

So its 2018 and we have the LGBTQ community and for the most part they are good people like myself and hopefully you too are good as well. When I say that hopefully you are good people, I mean anyone out there who believes in letting one live and let live. Even though they are part of the LGBTQ Community I figure that they just want to have food in their bellies and roofs over their heads. Isn’t that what we all want too?

I do admit that at times I struggle with some aspects of LGBTQ and the concept of being “gender fluid” but that’s my problem and not anyone else’s. And frankly as long as the LGBTQ community aren’t hurting anyone else or anything else then one shouldn’t give two hoots about how another person feels about their “gender roles” or being “gender fluid.” In the big scheme of this big blue planet I think that people should mind their own darn business rather than someone else’s.

I started off by saying that for better or worse I am a man. Not only that I am a heterosexual man so in most cases that makes me lucky. Lucky that I don’t have to deal with the disrespectful bullshit like the LGBTQ community at large deals with on a regular basis. I think that one should feel lucky to be alive, but again I’m a heterosexual man whose worst problem is that I occasionally do work associated with heterosexual women. Maybe if the people who give the LGBTQ community such grief would learn to live and let live and mind their own damn business the LGBTQ community would feel lucky to be alive too.

Unfortunately Bob Dylan’s lyrics must still be sung over and over 50 years after they were first sung, “Don’t criticize what you can’t understand.” Yet it’s even more unfortunate that LGBTQ criticizers still don’t listen to those lyrics and have never learned to live and let live and mind their own business. I am going to finish by saying that for the most part the LGBTQ community doesn’t hurt anyone, unlike the LGBTQ criticizers.