#1811 – “So?”

At school today
Was mean to me

My boss
At work today
Was an asshole to me

My family
At home today
Was disrespectful to me

I have a question for you
And at times
It is rhetorical
This is NOT one of those times
The question is

Take all of that
Put it to your nose
(Or ass whichever needs cleaning at the moment)
Flush it all away
And move on

Personally I try not to dwell
On hate or negativity
Of course there are days
Where my patience is tested
But on such days
I remember that
That is why I have the word “HOPE”
Tattooed on me
Hope for something better
And on the very next day
After you have slept on it
It usually is better

Maybe that is why
I don’t listen to too much
Metal or Hip Hop
As I see it
The bulk of those genres
Preach hate and negativity
Far too often
Whether it is
Hip Hop
Disrespecting women and
Any authority figure
Whether it is
Preaching hatred of
Of well everything
Both genres end up sounding like
White noise to me

You had a hard life
You have a hard life
Not to trivialize you and
Your current situation
But if you don’t realize
That there are as many people
Better off than you
As there are people
Worse off than you
And if you don’t come to
This realization
Sooner rather than later
You will either die
A bitter person
Always dwelling on hate speech
From the better off
Your heart will die
And lack compassion
For the worse off

I plan on leaving here
Better off than when
I arrived
I will never forget
Where I came from
But I will work hard
At what I do today
And I will always
Look forward to
Where I am going
I am here to learn
Just as much as
I am here to teach
Myself and others
Around me
That this is
My mission in life
To leave this playing field
Or this stage
Or this workplace
Or this school
Better off than when
I arrived

I am
So sorry to be
So preachy
But before I take my leave
I have a challenge for you
This is a simple challenge
To leave where you arrived
Better off
Than where your schoolmates
Were mean to you
Better off
Than where your bosses
Were assholes to you
Better off
Than where your families
Were disrespectful to you
Just leave here
Better off
Than when you arrived
And now I ask you
If you do accept this
Simple challenge of mine
You will never have to hear
Me or anyone else
Flippantly ask you again,