#1794 – “Warhol’s Legacy”

I believe
That you should
Live in fear
Fear of never
Being able to work again

Draw some poems
Write some photographs
Photograph some paintings
Sculpt all of your work
Out of others
Just talk talking promises
Because most promises
By others
Are made by their egos
And that makes them
All hollow

Don’t just talk about
Don’t just walk to
Do the work
Talk, walk, eat, shit and breathe
The work
Your work
And let all others fall behind

Don’t just be a dealer
Don’t just be a trader
Don’t just brag about it
Don’t just write about it
There are a million possibilities
And you should take
One of them
And as fast as you can
Move onto the next one
And the next one
And so on and so forth

You say presence
Does make a difference
And so does no presence
You say apathy or protest
I say protest apathy
AND protest people
Who just add their presence
To be the odd man out
Or just to be heard
Or to just to be heard
As being just
I don’t care about
Burning and looting
Raping and pillaging
That does, is and
Will always be
You want to be
Build your own movement
Out of your own
And then
Burn, loot, rape and pillage
Your own work
And then
Start all over again

I have created
My own G8
And while you
Pick your nose
And scratch your ass
And cut your toenails
And burn a car
We of the NEW G8
Sentence you all to death
A NEW death
We of the NEW G8
Sentence you all to
We of the NEW G8
Sentence you all
To go back to your
Homes, communes, businesses
Jobs, slacking, careers
Staying clean or
Getting dirty
Whatever, whichever
Or however it is with you
And your OLD G8

We of the NEW G8
Sentence you to go to your home
And do some of your own
That surpasses
We of the NEW G8
And when you do this
And only this
Not that old other thing
Then I will be impressed
To give you the time of day
A nod and a tip of the hat
You of the NEWER G8
Have brought down
Your own sentence on
Us of the OLD G8
And it is a hard sentence
But we of the OLD G8
Will comply
We will surpass
You of the NEWER G8
And be a conductor of fear
Fear of never
Being able to work again
And thus never
Being able to live again
That is my fear
That is my belief
That is my mantra
And this
That or the other thing
Is my work

Now show me
What you have got
Because soon
Everything will be stale again
And I will be just waking up
And not just going to
I will be doing
And last but not least
I will be
My work
And that is my belief
And this is my life