#560 – “Standing On A Stage”

Stand Aside and
Walk around me
Throw your questions
Away from me
Teaching me the strings at school
I’m too pretty for you?

When are you doing anything right?

Get closer
Get closer to me
And stand aside
And maybe
Just maybe I will vote for you

This all fits together
The pieces are big
And they all fall into place
Just like a child’s puzzle
One and two and three
Slide right in and on each other

And I think that I would like you
To put me up higher and
In front of them all
But I am scared
That my land is far too flat
And what is mine
Won’t be mine

After the stage hand
Has cleaned up all of the ticker tape
From the ash covered floor
Where people stood staring
With blank faces, blank eyes and
Blank thoughts

Inhaling and exhaling
Then dropping it all
Crushing it with the soul of their shoe
And grinding the butt
Into the floor until it’s fully put out

Am I saying something?
I am saying something.
Are you hearing it?
You are hearing it.
Then blowing the last of the smoke out
Uncrossing your crossed arms
Turning around and walking away

Do I say goodbye now?
Keep it up
And I’ll never know
What I missed even when it’s gone

I intentionally came in the back door
Because I felt uncomfortable
About coming in the front door

Looking back on that track
Doing it my way
Thinking that the crowd
That was in front of me
Was like effigies waiting to be burned
Should have actually been inside of a comic book
One that I read in the rain
Letting the ink run on my hands
And then dropping it all in the gutter

Turning away and
Turning around and
Walking away not bothering to watch
It all float away

Do I say goodbye now?
Yes, yes I do.

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