#1729 – “Just Sleep”

Good morning

Hey man
You had better close the store
It will take me
At least an hour and a half
To clean up the vomit
That is all over
The garbage can
The magazine racks
The wall and
The A.T.M.

Yes miss
We do have an A.T.M.
But someone just threw up on it
So I can do cash back
With a purchase
Thank you
Come again

Sir sir sir
You don’t need to yell
And swear at me
Why yes
We do have an A.T.M.
It is in the back
On the left
Thank you
Come again

We don’t have a public washroom
No I can’t make an exception
No you can’t use it
Even if you buy something
No you can’t use it
By paying me for it
No I still can’t let you use it
Even if you let me
Watch you pee
No my dick won’t shrivel up
And fall off
Just because I wouldn’t let you
Use the washroom
Thank you
Come again

Hello officer
There is a man
In the store
Who repeatedly threatened my life
And has been barred
From this store
Yes he’s the one yelling at me
No I don’t know his name
He is some meth-head
Sorry officer
He just corrected me
He is a crack-head
NOT a meth-head
I guess that I forgot
That it was a badge of honour
Yes it was him
Who said that
He is a crack-head
Because of assholes like me

Hello officer
There is a man in this store
Who said that he was supposed
To meet the police
At the 92nd street and 82nd avenue store
Three hours ago
He is here
At the 101 street and 82nd avenue store
And he is angry that
When he stepped out of the hotel
At 102 street and 82nd avenue
For a smoke
The police did not respond
To his call about a break in
At 108 street and 82nd avenue
I will gladly tell him to go home

Hello officer
There is a woman in the store
Who has been barred
Because she was caught shoplifting
Yes that is her yelling at me
She has long grey hair
Missing teeth and she is very skinny
She just told me that
She is a drug addict
And a prostitute
She just left the store
And she left a note
With her name and phone number
No I can’t make out
The phone number
Her name
It looks like
No I am not being a smart ass
At five in the morning
Is what she wrote
And after seeing her
It is an applicable name for her
Now I am being a smart ass
At five in the morning
Thank you for your help officer
Have a good morning

Good morning
Just sleep
Good morning

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