#1614 – “Last Message To Infinity”

For the last time
My work is for me
And was for me
And my own cathartic
And sometimes therapeutic reasons
I don’t do this
I didn’t do this
For your entertainment
This note
Is most definitely
NOT for you
If you like it
If you liked it
If you don’t like it
If you didn’t like it
I do this all
I did this all
To get better at it all
In my eyes
That is what drives me
That is what drove me
I was never here for you
I was never there for you
After I am gone
The same rules apply
Because I will never fail
With my work
Because it is was for me

And when I pass on
To the forgotten infinity
Burn me down to ashes
And if I don’t have enough money
To cover an urn
Then you can use a fucking coffee can
For all I care
Then take it to that cemetery
In Rossburn, Manitoba
Where my Grandparents,
My Great-Grandparents and
My Great-Great-Grandparents are all buried
And toss the fucker
As hard and as far as you can
Over the edge of the cemetery
Into the valley below
To the west of that cemetery
And if you can get
A spot there for me
Put on a small stone or plaque…

Corey Wayne Hamilton

And as for the epitaph?
That is an easy one…

“Take It Or Leave.”