#1818 – “You Are In My Thoughts”

It was as if
She was trying
To inhale her escaping life back

This last act by my Grandma
Is weighing heavily on my mind
When I first see
The devastation in Japan
And now Japan’s dark day
And tough road ahead
Weigh heavier on my mind

I have to ask
What do you do
When the earth under your feet
Suddenly collapses?

I have to ask
What do you do
When the primary ingredient
In your body comes at you
Tens of meters high
And hundreds of kilometers fast?

I have to ask
How do you be thankful
For what you have
When it weighs just as heavy
On your mind
As it does on your body?

I would like to protect you
From anything
Because in one single moment
Everything can happen to you

I make a frantic phone call
To my longtime friend
And Judo instructor
To make sure
He and his loved ones
Are safe
He calms me down
By telling me that
He and his loved ones
Are indeed safe
His next act he takes my mind
Off of Japan
(However briefly)
And puts my mind
Back on my life and my loved ones
Thanks again old friend
Thanks again

I hope not to weigh heavily
On your mind
By my personal address here
Because I just don’t know
How to make something
So personal
Not ripple through my brain
So there will be no give-away
To the fans today
The only thing I will put out
Is this short note of hope
That when you make that
Frantic phone call
Someone answers

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