#1787 – “Brave New World?”

In your not so brave new world
With your tick tacking
On your computer
About someone’s failure
In your eyes
Just shows how brave
You really are and
By not signing your litter
That calls someone out
Like the rest
Of your
Petulant backers
Tick tackers
Hypocritical hackers
And dumbass slackers
Just show your true colours
In this modern age
Of falling apart
Breaking hearts
Close ended art
And all in your online
Shopping cart

If you want to be
A real
Flesh, blood and bone
At least sign your
Ignorant put poorly
Street obscenity
Graffiti calamity

I often wonder
If you ever meet the people
You call out
In your immature
Raging storms
And if you do
Are you as brave
As your tick tacking
Would suggest?
Or do you just melt in
With all the other
Negative ranters?

When you all fail
To even put signatures
On your blemishes
I will use your
Print out papers
To wipe my ass
And flush them all
Into the sewer
Of obscurity

All this that
And the other thing
Being said
I must thank you
For showing me
Again and again
Why blogging, vlogging
Ranting, raving
Racing, pacing
And tick tacking
To all those who think
That they are just as
As the people they call out
Really just waste their time
Watching you waste your time
Making me waste my time
And making me realize
At the same time
That sometimes
Freedom of speech
Is more of a burden
And/or a vice
Than a real opportunity
To finally show
What remains after
A night’s fall
And to also show
How the new day
Should make one grow
Instead of just being
Another clown lined up
On tick tacking row

Brave new world?
Not even close
Not even close